Seasons are well defined and felt here in Piedmont. The summers are warm and sunny, the winters are snowy and cold, autumn brings the most vivid reds and oranges to the grounds, and spring brings positive emotions and new life to the world. The Legacy Rooms pay homage these seasons, reflecting their moods, character and feelings.

PRIMAVERA [24.5 m2]

Spring evokes a sense of renewal of both nature and ourselves. Days become longer, the air fresher and the flowers start to bloom. This room reflects that feeling, with a luscious bed to dream in and a beautiful bathroom designed to revitalise and refresh. The custom-made ceiling decoration is a visual and architectural interpretation of one of spring’s most iconic symbols – a delicate and intricate bird’s nest.

INVERNO [36 m2]

Winter brings frost and snow, bitter temperatures and bracing walks. It also brings the warmth of a fire and the cosiness of home. This room pays homage to that. Visually textured with rich textiles and cosy furnishings, it creates a sense of warmth and relaxation. A standalone Devon & Devon bathtub creates a place to unwind and reflect. A large private terrace offers space to enjoy what’s around us.

ESTATE [32 m2]

Reflecting the season of sun, carefree holidays, splashes in the pool and long warm evenings, Estate is a grand suite offering a large four-poster bed and a sense of fun. From here a concealed door leads to a bright and beautiful bathroom. A custom-made ceiling rose is designed to symbolise rays of the summer sun spreading warmth and optimism onto every guest.

AUTUNNO [26 m2]

Autumn colours in Piedmont are some of the most inspiring and vivid. The leaves transform to a patchwork of red, orange and yellow, persimmons ripen, and the landscape becomes a bewitching and ever changing palette. This room evokes those shades and textures, from the dark wooden flooring, to the rich velvet curtains and locally sourced antique pieces.



Find out more about the other rooms available at Nordelaia. Each room and suite is individual in its character and design.


Spacious, lush and closer to the sky.


Natural, botanical and relaxing.