Uplifting, tranquil, inspiring. Welcome to Nordelaia. Take time to enjoy what’s important in life. Friends and loved ones. Amazing views. Time for yourself. A perfect night’s sleep. Delicious food. Being at one with nature.

We create something simple but wonderful. We call it natural relaxation.



*The visuals used throughout the website are lovingly and carefully created renderings.

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Nordelaia, set within five hectares of arable land, is a destination where heritage, design, comfort and nature blend into an experience to enrich the soul and ease the mind.

Sensitively built around an 800-year-old farmhouse, reconstruction was carried out over a 3-year period with the upmost respect and care for its heritage and tradition. Where modern touches had to be incorporated, the essence of the past guided the interpretation of the interior and exterior vision.

A direct connection to nature and the environment are reflected in both the surroundings and the experiences we offer. We have a passionate drive to highlight the riches and traditions of the region. We do this through the experiences we offer, the design of our environments, as well as the menus of our restaurant. We love to look to our heritage to bring back old recipes, ideas and a slower pace of life.

We offer spaces for every mood and every occasion. Cosy corners to get lost in a book, or a games room to connect with other guests over a game of chess. There are outdoor terraces to spend time with friends or to enjoy the sunrise by yourself. There are benches overlooking the grape vines and a heated pool for winter swims and summer relaxation.

As the seasons change, so do we. From the heat of the summer and cocktails at the poolside to the colours and cool evenings of autumn. From the roaring fires and cosy corners of winter to the freshness and flowers of spring. Nordelaia was born from a desire to offer simple luxury and a close connection to nature. We create a magical and memorable place for you to spend time just enjoying life.


Choose one of twelve beautifully and individually designed rooms. Taking inspiration from the flora and fauna that surround us, they celebrate local craftsmanship and our Italian heritage, each offering its own unique character and feel. Some lead directly to the garden, while others offer breath-taking views from their terraces. On the top floor our apartments create wonderfully relaxing and private places to escape; where skylights frame the stars and wide windows embrace incredible views.

Spacious, lush and closer to the sky.


Natural, botanical and relaxing.


Inspired by the seasons of Piedmont.



Built over three levels, each offering a different dining experience, our restaurant offers something for every mood and occasion. Michelin-starred Chef Andrea Ribaldone and resident chef Charles Pearce oversee our amazing menu, putting a strong focus on using what’s local and seasonal, on reinterpreting classic recipes, and doing things sustainably and organically.



Wine is a wonderful part of the Nordelaia experience. Own label ‘Calligram’ showcases the region’s traditional grape varieties Barbera and Dolcetto through our perfectly balanced red and rosé wines. We’ve also planted three hectares of Pinot Noir vines around the estate. Whilst today they are still very young, we are looking forward to the time when their grapes can be harvested to produce our own fragrant and delicious Spumante Brut Metodo Classico.


We can’t wait to start welcoming guests from July 2021. Natural relaxation, delicious food and wine and enchanting views are waiting for you at Nordelaia.

Bookings are now open.




( E S T A T E ) "Estate" is a Junior suite reflecting the season of sun, carefree holidays, splashes in the pool and long warm evenings. Feel every ray of its magical summer vibes.

( E S T A T E ) "Estate" è una
Junior suite che riflette la stagione del sole, delle vacanze spensierate, degli schizzi in piscina e delle lunghe serate calde. Sentite ogni raggio delle sue magiche vibrazioni estive.

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( R E L A X ) Relax on the private terrace of one of our suites and spend countless moments relaxing whilst overlooking the beautiful valley of Cremolino.

( R E L A X ) Rilassatevi sulla terrazza privata di una delle nostre suite e trascorrete innumerevoli momenti di relax ammirando la splendida valle di Cremolino.

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( H O M E ) A comfortable sofa, an honesty bar where you can pour yourself a drink, a book to read. Feel home in our Salone.

( H O M E ) Un divano comodo, un honesty bar dove versarvi in
autonomia un drink, un libro da leggere. Sentitevi a casa nel nostro Salone

#nordelaia #honestybar #feellikehome

( G Y M ) Wellbeing - both for the body and soul. Start your
day off exercising at our NOHrD equipped gym and set yourself up for a good day ahead.
Plus, that view...

#nordelaia #wellbeing #gym #NOHrD

( G Y M ) Il benessere - per l'anima e corpo. Inizia la tua giornata facendo esercizio nella nostra palestra attrezzata NOHrD e preparati per un'ottima giornata.
Poi, quella vista...

( S P A ) When was the last time you could really disconnect?
Tune out, switch off and get ready for our Spa experience.

( S P A ) Quando è stata l'ultima volta che avete potuto davvero disconnettervi dal mondo?
Sintonizzatevi, spegnete ogni dispositivo e preparatevi per la nostra esperienza Spa.

#spa #nordelaia

( E A T ) L’ORTO Restaurant is a relaxed fine-dining concept. The menu is based solely on freshly caught seafood from the Ligurian coast and locally grown vegetables.
The main approach chosen by the chefs Andrea and Charles is to respect the traditions of the region while experimenting and pushing boundaries.

( E A T ) Il ristorante L'ORTO è un concept di "fine dining rilassato". Il menu è basato esclusivamente su pescato fresco dalla costa ligure e verdure coltivate localmente.
L'approccio principale scelto dagli chef Andrea e Charles è il bilanciamento tra il rispetto per le tradizioni della regione e la sperimentazione oltre i confini.

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( D R I N K ) Nordelaia’s wine is produced under the Calligram brand. In our seven hectares of vines we grow Barbera, Dolcetto and Pinot Noir grapes, which are less traditional for the region. It’s an innovative approach in the area, made in collaboration with Dr. Donato Lanati, the expert oenologist who’s responsible for our wines.
Enjoy a wine tasting at Nordelaia with our sommelier Fabio!

( D R I N K ) Il vino di Nordelaia è prodotto sotto il marchio
Calligram. Nei nostri sette ettari di vigne coltiviamo uve Barbera, Dolcetto e Pinot Nero, meno tradizionali per la regione. È un approccio innovativo alla zona, realizzato in collaborazione con il dottor Donato Lanati, l'esperto enologo responsabile dei nostri vini.
Godetevi una degustazione di vini a Nordelaia con il nostro sommelier Fabio!

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( E A T) A strong connection to nature and the local terroir is at the base of the culinary offer that Nordelaia’s mentor chef Andrea Ribaldone, together with resident
chef Charles Pearce have put together for our two restaurants: L’Orto and The Bistrot.
At the BISTROT we offer a more informal experience, focusing on Piedmontese ingredients, culture, and stories of the region, like this beautiful Vitellone Tonnato.

(E A T) Un forte legame con la natura e il terroir locale è alla base dell'offerta culinaria che lo chef e mentore di Nordelaia Andrea Ribaldone, insieme al resident chef Charles Pearce hanno ideato per i nostri due ristoranti: L'Orto e Il Bistrot.
Al BISTROT vi proponiamo un'esperienza più informale, concentrata su ingredienti piemontesi, sulla cultura e storia della regione, come questo buonissimo Vitellone Tonnato.

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( D E S I G N ) "Make it simple, but significant." An international team of designers, architects and consultants have worked together to ensure that Nordelaia has something for m everyone to discover and engage with both inside and outside.

( D E S I G N ) "Rendilo semplice, ma significativo". Un team internazionale di designer, architetti e consulenti ha collaborato, assicurando che tutti abbiano qualcosa da scoprire e da cui essere coinvolti, sia all'esterno che all'interno della struttura.

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